F.I.N.A.L.L.Y I realize .....

realize my ray of sun

doesn't have to shine on me
but I never thought that in the dark
I would finally see...

I realize that true love

means to set it free;
but I never thought it would be so hard
to watch it drift from me.

I realize that times do change

and people with it too;
but I never thought life would be so dead
if it couldn't be with you.

I realize I see a house

that badly needs to be cleaned;
but I know I'll find a masterpiece
if I could get back in.

If you realize the lights gone out,

and my ray of sun is gone;
then let us part as friends for now,
victims of the clouds.

most of the time we never realize what we are missing until it's gone


~AmyLiana8886~ said...

betul tu mawar..

shidah said...


mamai said...

pakcik alway missing in action

blueCITY said...

dan akhirnya............


Mawar_berduri said...

amy dan Shidah : tu la manusia kan ?

Mawar_berduri said...

pak cik : nape ley jadi cam tu ? huhu

sis blue : Finally .... I realize ..hihi :)